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Why Use NamRoom ?

Why Use NamRoom :

NamRoom is a Google property of Namibia. Its Namibia’s own listing platform, made by Namibia for Namibians.

Many Namibians who obtains their real estate license fails to establish themselves in the industry due to no platform to link them to the desirable Clients. Facebook is not for such no Instagram. Other listing platform are for individual firm. Some few companies that provide similar services are All from outsides and have monopolise the industry. Not anymore as NamRoom is here to provide the best listing platform to Namibian people on many different levels helping start up freelancers realtors or established to market the services.

Short Stay
Tourism and locals can now stay with our own people as they travel Namibia. Short Stay is where you reside at someone place for few days just like Airbnb. Doing so, tourists can easily learn the culture of Namibia. Individual Namibians can save up on the cost of Hotels that are becoming unbearable these days. Not to forget, NamRoom also welcome Hotels to advertise their rooms. Their services have been very good over the years.


NamRoom allows individual to list their product to the market. Your product should be submitted to the Admin and will list it for you. You do not need to be on membership to list your product and product will only be in Home Accessories strictly. Upon being purchased, 5% commission will goes to NamRoom and the rest will be transferred to you.


Your safety is our priority and we are dedicated individual with high knowledge in the field. We have a dedicated team in place to ensure that every box is ticked. Short stay ads will only be posted by Admin and only accepting in few towns. Realtors will need to submit their license to start listing. In All, we know it all and we have measures in place.

Exposed to a wider market all over Namibia and beyond

With only few months of establishment, we getting more than 20 thousands visitors every months. That’s potential clients from realtors who are ready to manage your selling or buying of properties to potential roommates. More people means more choice and more chance to finding the right realtors, easy roommates, and a cheap place to reside as you travel to new destination within Namibia.

Compliance with the Law of Namibia

We will never put individual life at risk. Any Suspicious advert Must be reported instantly and measures will be taken. We also have a dedicated team to ensure that the right people are posting on the platform that do not mean harm to individual. We comply with the laws of Namibia and that are monitored and regulated by NEAB.

Get help instantly if you get stuck

The website have been design so simply to get around. We also have provided lots of tips to interact your way through. However, if you get stuck, we have a dedicated team who will respond to you within 24hour of sending us your enquiries. We also have Admin who are online on live chat

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