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Posted by Admin on 12/09/2022

The Namibian and Botswana government have agreed to abolish the use of passports for travelers between the two countries. Henceforth, citizens of the two countries will have to use their identity cards (ID) instead.

This is such a big move and opportunities are coming. ID cards are easily obtained by individuals aged 15 and above. You cannot pay any amount to obtain an ID card, unlike a passport where you have to spend almost N$270 and your travel cost.

Implementation of an ID card will mean free or more movement of people between the two countries. As Geingbob said, “Our two countries not only share a common border, but also a common people and heritage. A symbiotic and inter-dependent relationship exists along our common borders,”

As a short-stay offerer, you will benefit from more movement of people. The 2.5Million of people in Namibia means that fewer people are traveling but with the addition of 2.4 Million people from Botswana, there is more movement of people. This means if you offer a short stay, you will get lots of offers from more movement of people. Hence, more profit to make a living from a short stay. Also, this will widen the market and make it easier to trade to one another.

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