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Be Your Own Airbnb In Namibia

Posted by Moderator on 21/09/2022

NamRoom is the ‘Google property’ of Namibia. It’s Namibia’s own directory listing platform that accounts for all the estates in Namibia with its people. It features a comprehensive list of properties in Namibia, including flats, hotels, guest houses, lodges, vacant land, and student rooms, all of which are listed online to reach a wider audience at no cost.

NamRoom is a local brand, organic and original, which makes it more desirable than any other listing platform that are operating in Namibia. The platform understands the economic class of people in Namibia, particularly post-COVID-19. As a result, NamRoom tries to mitigate the social challenges faced by the lower and middle classes people and enhance that affordable accommodation is at their fingertip, an area where many listing platform have failed as they primarily focus are on the upper class.

NamRoom exists because of the current situation in Namibia and aims to bring affordable properties to the market. It depends on Namibian people, from real estate agents to ordinary citizens, to make the site work. Real estate agents or property owners are encouraged to post their properties that are on sale, while ordinary Namibians can start looking for perfect roommates or post their preferred room.

In addition, NamRoom offers a platform for Namibians and real estate agents to find each other and start working together. Real estate agents or agencies will receive ratings and build their reputation, helping them collaborate with other agents and reach a wider audience of Namibians. As someone looking to buy or sell properties, NamRoom offers high-level service and dedication to getting things done, connecting you to highly reputable agencies and educating you to get things done with little or no cost.

NamRoom recognizes the pain of renting a place where you don’t feel welcome or are uncomfortable. Even if you want to move out, you may fear losing your deposit. This is one of the reasons NamRoom exists – to provide a platform to advertise your room and find a replacement instantly. During this process, you can also find tons of flats for affordable rent, and you can schedule the date you move into your new room. NamRoom also offers a platform to find a perfect roommate(s) to share a flat within a preferred location, budget, and life choices.

NamRoom is also excited to introduce a short-stay option for rooms in Windhoek, Walvis, Swakop, and Oshakati only. It is an opportunity for people to be their own Airbnb in their own flats. Many people have been affected by COVID-19, resulting in their houses being vacated. Many Namibians find themselves in the same position, and while waiting for tenants to come by, NamRoom encourages them to open up for a short stay to Namibians and tourists. Traveling to places where they have no family members is expensive, and many cannot afford to stay in hotels or guesthouses. Offering short stays provides an affordable option for those with low income to travel to Namibia with less stress. This is also an opportunity to open up houses to provide services to people who have not traveled before and offer them the best experience for their stay.

NamRoom extends a hand to work with hotels and lodges in Namibia. It is prepared to bring a lot of traffic to them and provides a section for a newsfeed to brand themselves to Namibians. The platform offers an affordable service for these areas as it understands the economic class in Namibia. For Namibians who can afford hotels, NamRoom encourages them to keep using them because they have proven to offer the best services to their guests.

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