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10 things to do in Rundu

Posted by Admin on 22/09/2022

Rundu is not just an ordinary town in Namibia. It has a lot to offer travelers, making it one of the most visited towns in the country.

Namibia, located on the southwestern Atlantic coast, boasts four different landscapes: the Namib Desert, the Central Plateau, the Kalahari Desert, and the Kavango-Zambezi strip. The Namib Desert is one of the oldest deserts in the world and runs the length of the coastal area, covering major towns such as Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, Henties Bay, Kolmanskop (also known as the ghost town), and more.

The Central Plateau hosts most of Namibia’s towns from north to central, and it is mainly mountainous and filled with sand valleys. Other towns include Windhoek, Okahandja, Otjiwarongo, and others. The Kalahari Desert has ancient red sand and sparse vegetation, while the Kavango-Zambezi strip is full of nature.

Most towns in the Kavango-Zambezi strips are dominated by forests, rivers, lodges, farms, and game reserves. The Kavango River passes through Rundu, and during summertime, people from all walks of life flock to Rundu beach to enjoy the good weather. One can cross the river using a boat or canoe and even greet Angolans on the other side.

Rundu beach is a favorite spot for my good friend Chris, especially in summertime. Whenever we are in Windhoek and I suggest we go for fresh air at Goreangab Dam, he always hesitates and starts talking about Rundu beach. I once visited Rundu beach, and I must say, it’s stunning. The atmosphere in Rundu is unique, surrounded by nature, with the river flowing, birds chirping, kids swimming, and hippos at the far end of the bank.

However, visitors should be aware that there are crocodiles in the mighty Kavango River, so swimming blindly is not advised. Also, the river is still the primary source of water for most people in Rundu, so it’s essential to boil the water before drinking it. The main language spoken in the town is Rukwangali and English, while other languages include Thimbukushu, Gciriku, Kwangali, and others. There are plenty of lodges around the town, and they are very affordable.

In conclusion, Rundu is a hidden gem that is worth a visit for anyone traveling to Namibia. It offers a unique experience surrounded by nature and boasts plenty of attractions for visitors to explore. Go check out Ngandu Lodge and enjoy your time in Rundu.

But here are the 10 things to do in Rundu

  1. Explore Rundu beach and the Okavango River
  2. Watch Hippos and Crocs and wave to Angola
  3. Enjoy the sunset at one of Rundu lodges
  4. Explore the Rundu market
  5. Explore night out in Rundu
  6. Relax at the Hacienda Park and playground
  7. Visit Mbunza Living Museum
  8. Visit Ncumcara Community Forest Craft
  9. Visit the museum at St. Joseph Catholic Mission
  10. Try out homemade beer

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